Boyfriend is always in denial?

Hey everyone !

So I've been with my boyfriend for almost a month now, at first he showered me with affection gifts and everything, but lately he's been acting distant and cold.

But everytime I talk to him about it he denies it all the time, I know I'm not paranoid, I feel something's wrong.

I don't know what to do, I understand he's not going to shower me with love 24/7, and I do give him as much space as I can, I'm not the clingy or needy girl at all, but I know for sure that he's not the same as before, what happened?

What can I do? Please help ! I'm really starting to fall for him...


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  • He might have been extra nice in the beginning because he wanted to "get" you and now that he has - he doesn't have to be so nice anymore.

    Maybe he learned some new things about you that make him like you less than they did before.

    Maybe he's gotten used to you and you don't seem like a new "flavour" anymore for him

    Maybe he was just nice to you in the beginning because he really didn't want to be alone.

    Have you had sex with him recently? That might be why he is no longer nice to you.

    • Well we had sex a couple of times, and I remember the first time we had sex he told me he was crazy about me and so happy to be with me, but now, I don't think he feels the same

    • Some guys lose interest after having sex.

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  • Back in my day you had to have fallen for your boyfriend before you called him "boyfriend". Anyway we can't tell you because unless that's his normal standard behavior we're not mind-readers. Also, if it's only been a month how long has he been "cold and distant?"

  • sorry, but he was only doing the nice things so you would sleep with him and once he got what he wanted he got bored with you sorry but he's a douchebaag whos a jerk and suffers from nice guy syndrome, you to dump him and move on :(


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