So confused with this guy should I give up or go for it?

Ok so I met this guy online, we had both matched with each other. In the beginning he seemed really interested in me. We talked about meeting because we live in the same city. However after seeing his Facebook and our friends in common it occurred to me that he was more of a ladies guy. I'm not the hottest girl in the world and have gained some weight from my second year of college and it makes me think he just wants a one time thing. I asked him what he wanted and he said to date, however because I am leaving to go to another University he said we could be temporary friends with benefits until we got to know each other enough to date. I've been with friends with benefits with a couple guys but I really want a relationship, we're seeing each other offline for the first time in a week from now and he's been bringing up sexual things and sending me pictures, I'm not sure what to do or how to keep him interested in a relationship, should I hook up with him like he wants? Should I just give up now? He seems to be pulling back lately so I don't know if I should walk away or fight for him more


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  • he said he wanted to just be friends with benifits. what more do you need to know that he is a player? most guys on dating sites are looking for quick scores.

    • But he said he wanted to date to so I'm confused

    • what part of friends with benifits do you not understand? he is only telling you what you want to hear

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