11 years of dating on and off, do I even give it another try? Are we to far in the friend zone?

Okay so my friend and I have dated off and on for 11 years now, we recently got back together and everything seemed to be going in the right direction. We had a great time last weekend, he even told me that he loved me. The following day when we were in a group setting he didn't even stand by me? The following day I asked him if he was okay and he wrote back saying he just didn't want our friends to think that we were dating just in case things didn't turn out? What am I to think of that? He didn't text a lot this week and now that it's the weekend he texts me this morning saying "Morning sunshine" am I to give this guy another shot or are we just to far in the friend zone?


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  • seems to me this guy can't make up his mind what he wants. what you need to do is confront him about it once and for all. tell him " if you want to be with me then act like it if not i am moving on"


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