The date seemed to have went well but...?

So I went on a date with this guy in my who's pretty shy. He picked me up and we went to Starbucks and he paid, and then we went to the park. We didn't hold hands or kiss or anything. We just talked and we had a lot in common, and we were laughing and joking around. It seemed to have went well, and then he dropped me off back home. The second he stopped the car he said "This is where you get out now." I got out and thanked him and said it was fun, and he said he had fun, and then he pulled around and stopped to wave at me before I went inside. But today, he didn't text me good morning like he always does. Usually he texts me and then talks to me all day/night until he has to go to bed. He would even text me at work. I don't know what went wrong? Then, I logged on the game we play together and the second I logged on he logged off.. My friend told me to text him to see if he replies so I texted him saying "good morning, how are you?" and he took a while to reply with "Heyy, good afternoon lol. I'm fine. How are you?" and so I replied with "I'm good haha. Thanks for listening to me last night, you were a nice friend :)" and he replied back with "That's good! Yea it was nice :) and likewise." I thought maybe calling him a friend would make things less awkward since we still have class together. I don't get why he didn't text me though when everything seemed to have went well? We spent 3 hours together.. Does it sound like we're just going to be friends now? Does he still seem interested?


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  • maybe you should take the first step if you think he is shy... or at least ask him why he didn't text or cal as usual
    cauze if I'm into girl who I had some fun with her one night I won't stop calling her from the moment she steps out of my car (but it may be just me) so ask him and see


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