How do I get my girl to stop taking about her ex's?

My girl talks about her ex's on almost a daily basis. It drives me nuts to always hear about them. I have told her to please stop taking about them and she says she does so I know that I'm easy better than any of them.

She has a long story but to sum it up she never had much of a life so all her stories are about or involve an ex. She had never been without a guy and her life revolved around the guy in her life.

How can I get her to stop? No I don't plan on breaking up with her over this but it's very very annoying


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  • That would suck, and i dont think i would be able to handle it. I think you should get out of the relationship because she is inconsiderate of your feelings and that's a bad sign

    • Well I really love her and I don't want to break up. It does suck though. What do you think of the reason she gave me why she does it?

    • I dont think any reason is justified when it comes to hurting the one you are with, in regards to ex'es

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  • I was going to say tell her but I don't know if you already did. Does she understand that it makes you feel uncomfortable?

    • Yes she does. She knows she shouldn't but every thing in her life revolved around a guy do is hard for her not to.

    • No, take her out. Give her new experiences. Replace the old ones. Spend less time talking about irrelevant things and more time DOING relevant ones. Bring up broad topics. Buy her a book she would enjoy. Find shows and movies to watch together.

      One day, she'll have no choice but to leave it in the past if she'd led to focus more on the NOW.

  • Just tell her to stop that it's a turn off. Hate to break it to you but she might still have feelings for him if she brings him up that much

    • It's not him it's them 5 of them to be exact. I hear about at least knew of them almost everyday.

      I have asked her to stop, she knows she should and that I hate hearing about them.

    • Knew is one

    • Weird I feel like that's really disrespectful. You might end up being one she talks about soon if she doesn't stop. I honestly don't believe that's normal. I don't wanna hear about anyone's ex I dated a guy b4 he told me the story of him and his ex he was talking about her so bad after that I couldn't even like him. Honestly I felt like his ex was put in a hard position and did nothing wrong. Anyway you need to tell her she needs to stop. Put her on the spot ask her... Is this how ur going to be talking about me? It's just weird sorry.

  • if she talks about them, she ain't over them. DITCH THAT BITCH


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  • I'm going to be honest and say I didn't even read what you wrote. Just the title. But I doubt my opinion would change either way so:

    Tell the woman to stfu about her ex's. You don't want to hear about it.

    • lmao... yes, basically dude. You can be nice about it but the idea is there... just cut her short when she starts.

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