What do I do when I'm 20 years old l and never been kissed?

Well I'm 20 years old and I never been kissed.There's this guy that I think just wants to hook up and he wants to hang out but I haven't told him my little issue and I don't want to hang out wit him and have him expecting us to just hook up ugh help I don't know what to do

Ok so I think I'm hanging out wit him tonight. But I don't know how to tell him should I lie? / and say that I have hooked up with like 2 guys or something ughg I don't know. Help me!
So I didn't hang out wit him after all. He said he had to do something which is prob a lie. I guess things happen for a reason. Gugh why do I always end up liking the wrong stupid guys?


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  • As far as the kiss thing goes, it would come natural to you, nothing to worry about, and he more then likely wouldn't know you never been kissed, leave it to be a funny story in the future, if he is your first don't stay to hooked to him annoyingly, I dump a few because girls wouldn't let me breath, but other than that, things should flow naturally to you if you are not too nervous, just have confidence.


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  • If you've waited this long without being kissed, why would you let a guy expect something sexual from you? You don't have to tell him you've never been kissed, that's not really his business, but just let him know you're a virgin. No reason to lie. If he knows you've never done anything he probably won't expect you to do stuff like he would a girl who has hooked up a lot.