Guys how do you explain when a guy talks to you online and avoid you in real life?

I think my crush is really interested in me, we talk about being together but we don't speak in real life, we're in the same high school and he just never look for me or come ans talk to me.. Im so confused.

And when I ask him if he's the shy tupe of person, he always says he is NOT shy at all, then why he doesn't come and greet me at least?

Im really really really shy, I can't go talk to him, plus he is always with his guy friends so..


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  • Sounds like he's shy but doesn't want to admit he is.

    • I honestly think he is avoiding me..

    • Ask him about it via text or whatever your form of communication is

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  • He feels safe behind his texts.
    ...In reality, he is not afraid of you but he is scared of what others will think of him!

    • What do you mean?

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    • He is not popular or anything and so am I..
      I mean I'm not hideous or anything like that., well, I didn't perceive it that way, well.. You could be right.

    • Force yourself to take it slow and cautious...
      ...dont buy the first car you see off the first car lot you go to!

  • He is a shy guy and hence such traits.


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  • Ask him online, if he will come up and talk to you the next day, and if he says he will and doesn't come, then forget about him! If he really was into you in the right way he wouldn't hide behind a screen!

    • You are totally TOTALLY right!