The guy I'm seeing 4 months is coming over tonight, he is still on dating site. Should I leave the roses another gave me on my table?

I've been seeing a guy for 4 months, we are sleeping together. We have a good connection mentally and physically. He has commitment problems and can't seem to take down his profile. I told him Im not running into another mans arms and took down my profile to make him fell more secure. Now its starting to piss me off.
Another man not from a site took me out this week and gave me roses. Should I leave them in his view or get them out of there? I have feelings for the guy who doesn't take his profile down.

He says he loves everything about me and would take a bullet for me...
Ok, I won't be childish and leave the flowers out. Should I continue to date 4 month guy? isn't 4 months a little soon, I don't know.


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  • You should not play games and leave this guy alone. You said he can't commit and your looking just like he is so why are you even bothering?


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  • Well, on top of what the others said. (misscocobutter, and juggaloscrub)
    My first thought when I read this was, "Would I personally even notice the flowers, if they were in a vase? ... probably note."

    That said, mind games are a bad idea.


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  • He is still shopping around and you are accepting his crumbs by sleeping with him. Bad move. Leaving the roses out is manipulative and game playing, it won't make him jealous because he is clearly not into you. Sorry