So, 'Date' or just a friendly dinner?

I asked my crush out yesterday (she was the one that suggested it last month, actually. we passed this fancy restaurant that only did lunches and she was like "we should both dress up and eat there sometime".)

Anyway, she said yes. It looked like she was really really keen on it!! (she mentioned how keen she was twice after i asked her out) and she said she wanted to dress up in a fancy formal dress and wear heels stuff. So i said i'd wear a suit and pick her up.

Do you reckon she thinks this would be a date? this is the first time we'll be hanging out outside of college. I booked for Friday night for this first 'date' (if it really is one). We're both 19

Here's some background info:

- We've known each other for a month
- Both in Second Year College, (Met in Psychology)
- She does tell me how smart and stuff i am, and how i should have a PhD in Psychology and stuff
- she sometimes teases me playfully, (she's called me a 'dork', and she's said some other stuff too)
- She talks to me the same kinda way she talks to other guys (apart from the teasing and the complementing)
- She does maintain eye contact while we're talking.
- we see eachother once a week (during our Psychology tutorial) and we hang out together alone for around 30 mins after. We have exchanged numbers, but we dont text and only talk when we see eachother.

Oh yeah, do you think dinner is fine? or should we pay mini golf or something too?


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  • Just do dinner for now, but I would assume it's a date. Think about it the other way - if she didn't want you to think it's a date she wouldn't have told you over and over how excited she is and she never would have asked you to dress up.

  • Dinner. So there could be more eye contact. She'll like you even more and would consider that dinner date her happiest moment with you being friends.


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