Do I have a right to be jealous?

I started dating a guy for about 3 months, though we met and have been talking since about 6 ago. I didn't really have feelings for him until he asked me out and after seeing him for a bit I started to like him. He is very kind hearted and generous. But he is like that to everyone and last night he told me that he went to surprise a girl at her workplace to pick her up and had dinner with her just the two of them. He said that he had done that as she lives in the same direction as him and the train she catches has some track work. And that he didn't want to have dinner by himself.
He apologised about it last night when he mentioned it and today I told him it sounded like a date and he said he thought the same way.

I was wondering if it is normal for guys to hang out with friends that are girls even if they are dating, and if I should say something. I told him it made me upset but I feel selfish now as he had been friends with her for longer and he says that he is just trying to help people out and tries to get everyone out to go to events and stuff. Is it normal that I get jealous of her? It isn't the first time since dating him that he did something nice for her but he says that I am the only girl in his heart.
I just feel upset a bit because we live a bit of a distance from each other and I am busy with uni. He does come to visit me sometimes like for a few hours when I had the day off but couldn't go out because of study and we phone call or Skype every night. Am I being unreasonable here when I feel jealous of his friend? I have never met her but I know of her name and seen her on Facebook a bit.

Also my boyfriend hasn't told his friends or family that he has a girlfriend, but he has met my family and two of my friends know of us being together.

Please give me advice on this.
Thank you.


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  • sure ! seems he has no respect for you

    • Thank you for your answer. But I feel like a bad person if I don't want him to be spending time with other friends if they are girls.
      Do you know what you'll do if you're in this situation?

    • tell him how he would felt if you were always hanging with boys

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  • I can understand why you'd be jealous. Distance can definitely put a strain on the relationship, and him taking that girl out to dinner does seem pretty suspicious.
    I think that it was good that you voiced your opinion because now he knows that it made you uncomfortable.
    I don't see what more you could do about the situation, but he definitely owes you a date.

    • Thank you for your answer. I guess he just has a lot of friends who are girls as well as guys. Haha yeah, he owes me a date :p

  • You are not wrong. He sounds sketchy. That absolutely sounds like a date and why would he be keeping you a secret? He sounds like bad news...

    • Thank you for your answer. I think he's embarrassed to tell other people. But I was too but thought I had better tell my parents at least as they need to know where I am hanging out and with who. He doesn't want to tell his parents yet. But he said that I was his second girlfriend, his first in 4 years.
      Do you know what you'll do in this situation?

    • Why would he be embarrassed? I feel like it's abnormal for someone to not at least tell their friends when they have a new gf/bf.

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