I reply to him when I'm on vacation but he's not doing the same, is this bad?

We all know you are busy when on vacation. He's been talking to me and everything like that, we even texted for over an hour the other night. Great.
But I told him about something that happened to me between my friend and I, and all it required was an acknowledgement, as I was very hurt. He didn't say a word... It's been since yesterday now.

I haven't even been initiating texts because I know he's away. We were talking. I just mentioned it as it happened suddenly. Didn't need to dwell or discuss and I gave no indication of that. But haven't heard from him since.

When I was away on vacation he'd gone about conversation as we normally would, he'd vent about things and all that. With him, I have made convo all about him and him being away.

Am I just giving too much, or expecting too much, or what? I know he's away but I didn't see the big deal in saying this.


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  • All is fine, no need to worry about it. Boys don't bother/talk much about this kinda stuff.


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  • He is a guy you are a girl, we dont communicate the same way. Guy dont want to hear about nonsensical stuff all the time. You have been communicating and you should be happy about that, and not feeling sad about this one incidence

    • Thank you, this is true. I forget this sometimes with him just because he is the first guy I've met that communicates as much as he does

    • no problem