Dating with a Swedish guy? any trip?

Dating with a Swedish guy?
i have a crush on a Swedish guy in university.he likes me also but he `s too reserved and waits for me to make a first move , since we don`t have a lot of courses together i decided to add him in fb , which he didn`t accept!!! but when i saw him he smiled at me and he was kinda suggesting or waiting for me to come to him , i didn`t because i was confused why he didn`t accept my friend request (i know he was active mean while in fb), i`m also kinda shy , i don`t know what to do


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  • I'm Swedish, so I have some experience with Swedish guys.

    Yes, we are more reserved than most people, but that's only until we get to know people better. There are a few possible reasons why he didn't accept your request: 1) he only adds people he "knows", 2) he has a girlfriend, 3) he is keeping you on your toes, 4) he hasn't gotten around to it yet

    If it's number 1, then try to become friends with him, find common interests, show him you're cool to hang around and he will start opening up to you. If it's 2, then you're out of luck. If 3, then he's just a player who will be no good for you. If 4, then he's not big on social media, more of a "in person" type of guy, or he doesn't know the dos and don'ts of the internet.

    For now, try not to think about that he rejected your friend request. It might not mean anything.

    • wow, thank u
      i guess i can`t do anything in this moment till i see how he reacts when he sees me , i really don`t want to seem like needy

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  • That part of Europe is very reserved.. either perverts or so held back it is ridiculous. You may have to chase this one !


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  • He wants to be friend, first. This is how it works. When you get to know each other, he will probably decide he wants to continue or not. Swedish people are very cool actually. I like them.

    • mostly cold not cool ,

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    • That's is good

    • thanks foe comment :)

  • I am from Denmark and Swedish guys aren't much different from Danes. Anyways he probably doesn't want to accept your request before you guys know each other. Have you guys been talking together or just looking at each other?

    • talking in few occasions, he smiled at me and stared at me

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    • Hmm, maybe he is just trying to be nice :) It doesn't necessarily mean that he likes you (at least not in a romantic way). Maybe he didn't accept your request because he didn't want you to think anything else :) I am not sure though, but guys here are very friendly and often it's just friendly nothing romantic.

    • no i don`t think he just wants to be nice, from the way he checked on me , when a guy looked at me or when i`m talking with other guys , he doesn`t want to jusy friend

  • He doesn't know you well enough to accept your request in FB.

    Start with a simple ask out to the cafeteria and get to know each other abit.

    • what `s the big deal , i talked with him before