What does this seem like to you?

This is the situation I'm in and I feel like I need some outside opinions to help.
Personal info (me): Female, straight, black, junior in high school, 16, living in a suburb
Personal info (him): Male, junior in high school, from Canada, 16, does not have his own car, living in suburb but 25 minutes away by car from my house

I recently started taking interest in a classmate. For a while it was little conversations which led to getting each others phone numbers, texting. We've been trying to get together to hang out but its been kind of hard. he's dedicated to football, I'm just busy with mutliple things. He's asked me to hang out twice and both times it hasn't worked out because he wants me to come over very late at night to his house but I don't have a car yet so I need to bum off rides of people plus its late and of course my mom isn't too excited about to let me go. I realize that he has definitely shown signs of interest but what do you guys honestly feel about this situation, what does it seem like its going on? If any more info about whats happened or currently is happening is needed I'll gladly post it. Im trying to sort out things but my head is a jumbled mess of one half emotions and the other half logic. I'll post my personal feelings later but before that I'd like objective feedback. Thanks!


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  • He has tried to hangout with u two times come on !!

    • I know seems obvious right? But would the fact that hanging out twice didn't work, discourage someone to the point they don't feel its worth it?

    • Actually i see he might get frustrated, my opinion is that u should try to get close and attract him dont make him begain to feel he want to get away

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