Irrational jealously- why am I experiencing this?

So there's this girl I like, we went on a few dates, we really get on and I still like her...but she's leaving to return to home country in the coming weeks.
So basically I have 0% chance with her, and that's the same for everyone I know.

But my friend, who knows I like her, knows that I'm struggling with the thought of her leaving, knows I've dated being quite flirty with her.
I don't know why, but I'm getting all jealous about it, even though she's leaving and we can never have a relationship.

Anyone else get stupid jealously, and how do you stop it?


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  • Its just an emotion and you are justified at this time.

    • It doesn't matter that she is leaving, your friend is being an ass, and should know not to flirt with someone you are interested in

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    • okay, well hopefully you can feel better

    • thanks for MH

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  • You are jealous because you like her. This is normal. You can't always help how you feel.


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  • your friend is being a total ass to you. he isn't a real friend

    • Tbh, it's not unexpected. It's kind part of his character. I mean maybe he's only doing it now for fun, and because he now knows that never can ever become of me and her, so maybe he thinks it's ok?

    • then what are you doing being friends with him?