How to ask her to hangout with me, but just as friends?

So basically this girl I like, and have been on a few dates with is leaving to return to France in a few weeks.
She likes me too, but offing has worked out between us as she is leaving- she wasn't sure if she was staying or going at first.

Anyway, as much as I like her I still value her as a friend, and want to make the most of the time we have left.
I want to ask her to hangout, but as friends but how do I go about doing that?
I don't want to put her off and have her think I'm trying to restart things, if you know what I mean?

Anyone else please?
Another answers please? :)


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  • Just ask her if she wants to hang out just as friends.

    • As a girl, who's dated the guy who is asking the question- would you find that odd?

    • I agree. Why don't you plan to go to the movies or something with 2 friends, then randomly bring it up in a conversation to her & invite her?

    • So like a group hang out?

  • Wait I'm confused. If you like her, why are you asking her out "just as friends"?

    • Because we've tried the dating thing, she was conflicted as she wasn't sure if she was staying or leaving, but now it's confirmed she's leaving in a few weeks to return to France, forever.
      There's no chance of a relationship sadly.

      We really get on still, nothing is awkward so it would be good to make the most of our friendship whilst she's still here.

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