Do shy guys tend to date exclusively from the beginning by virtue of being shy?

I'm dating a very shy guy. He is a total gentleman and very handsome. I really like him. He built up the courage to ask me out twice. I have reciprocated and asked him out a few other times. So far so good, but everything is moving SUPER SUPER SUPER slow. 3 alone dates in + 2 hangouts where we did other stuff with friends but mostly talked to each other, and he still has not made any kind of physical move: no kiss, holding hands, etc. He also still gets nervous around me a bit on occasion (as if he was worried he could mess up something). I find him totally adorable. Since he is really good looking, and my friend told me multiple girls have asked him out before and he just turned them down, I was wondering… is this the type of guy who is just very shy and only makes an effort once in a while with someone he really likes or is he likely to be dating multiple people at the same time (it may not be all the girls that are after him, but maybe some other ones that are more his type?) ? Essentially, do really shy, hot, selective guys tend to date multiple people at the same time or are they more likely to date exclusively from the beginning? I have not asked him this question yet, but it is sort of too soon, but I eventually will.


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  • If a guy is really shy it is more unlikely he will date more than one girl, if only for the reason it is hard for him to ask even that one girl out. That however is no guarantee. You need to talk to him about the two of you being exclusive so you are on the same page.

    I think you are going to need to take and start getting more physical with him. Hold his hand, snuggle, brush lent off his shirt, any reason to touch him will work. Things like that should help him feel more comfortable touching you.


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  • Nope, given the chance shy guys are just as likely as outgoing guys to date more then one girl at a time. Not saying your guy will or has just saying that being shy doesn't define how exclusively someone will date, though i will admit shy guys by being shy tend to meet less people then out going people so less opportunities but given the chance and if they want to they won't date exclusively. So to answer your question it all depends on the guy. Hope that helps anonymous.

  • shy guys tend to communacate with body movement as much if not more than words. being nervous is just apart of that because I might want to move faster but I have to understand that someone else might not be ready so I have to read their body movements and adjust my own according to them.
    As a side note at least for me, holding hands and kissing shows that I'm intrested in who I'm with more than just their looks also it's more meaningfull knowing I've earned it.
    I can't speak for other shy guys but I tend to date exclusively.


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  • Hmmmm, I'm in a similar situation, but judging from the fact that he has accepted your invitations to hang out then it seems like he likes you and he might just want to take things slow, because he genuinely cares about you and also because he's shy. Sometimes shy guys need a little help, a little push in the right direction ;) you could try just casually slipping your hand into his and see how he reacts, then go from there. But only do this if you feel like you have gotten to know him a little, you wouldn't want to do it too soon. It's hard with shy guys, but sometimes a girl just has to give her guy a gentle push in the right direction. Go for it girl!:)