How do I not fuck up my first hook up?

Guys please.
I'm 17, so there is this attractive guy in my school and we planned to meet up for some make out session.
The thing is it's my first time and I told him I already kissed a guy before, but I watched A LOT OF MOVIES, I KNOW WHAT I'M DOING..
I'm affraid to fuck it up really hard, that would be embarassing and shit. How do I not fuck it up? How do I overcome the nervousness? How was your first make out session? Help please?


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  • You won't fuck it up, he won't care if you're good or bad, just let him lead and everything is awesome

    • because when we talk online, I'm really sensual, and just know how to turn him on but Im affraid when it comes to the real thing, I just turn into a stone, a red imbecilic and brainless stone..

  • you are gonna make out with him , just relax and go along with it. you won't fuck up


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