Do you or any of your friends have significant others that call each other by pet names? If so, what are the most annoying ones that you've heard?

I am very affectionate toward my gf, but pet names really annoy me. What are the worst ones that you've heard?


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  • My boyfriend and I call each other babe. Or hun. I have taken to calling him hun lately.

    My friend called her (ex) fiance bae - which I found really annoying. She was always like, "Me and my bae..." they ended their relationship just today though so I guess I won't hear bae anymore. Don't feel too bad for them, guys, they dated for a grand total of 3 months before they got engaged. Their engagement lasted 4 months.

    My other friend called her ex boyfriend Wibbles? No wonder he dumped her.

    I've also heard: Goob, Monkey, and Pootsie.

    • haha wow. Those last ones made me sick to my stomach. I call my gf babe and hun as well. They're just quick and easy.

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  • My boyfriend calls me variations of 'babe' or he calls me Tequila because my surname sounds hispanic lol.

    I hate when people call their partners "boo". It just sounds stupid to me. Generally it's not the name that annoys me, but the way they say it. When girls do that kinda baby-voice thingy I want to throw up.

  • In general I just hate couples calling each other "baby", all i think of are babies, i don't want to feel sexually attracted to someone i associate with being a baby.
    on the other hand, "Babe." i acceptable

    • I agree that baby is very annoying. I occasionally call my gf babe though just because it's short and easy to say.

  • i think pet names are cute, but not when they are with every sentence. for instance, babe is nice, honey is nice, i think dear is wonderful, but if you say it after everysingle damn sentence, oh hell no, that is awfully painful. couples who do that have insecurity issues, i believe!

    oh and boo is always a chuckle :D


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  • My current girlfriend calls me "Dorkie" because I'm shy and a total nerd but my pet name doesn't bother me I just see it as a sign of playfulness or something to that effect

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