How often should a couple hang out?

I keep seeing girls complain about their bf's not hanging out with them 24/7...

I personally don't like the feeling of being smothered..and need my own time..

SO How often should a couple hang out?


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  • I Personally believe that if the couple isn't In Love with eachother, then its not to big of a deal to hang out 24/7..Every person in the world needs his or her time. That's Number 1.

    Number 2. LIke me, If I'm in love with a girl, I Honestly want to be with her all the time, but not boring stay at homes, but go out and adventure the world - Beaches City Museums Carnivals Nature Walks Movies Arcade. etc... I learned even If You love a girl though, she still needs some time alone to be with the friends and family. If You Love her then you trust her, and if you don't trust her, you shouldnt be loving her, right? RIGHT.

    Bottom Line:

    A Couple Dating regularly should at least attempt to see each other 3-5 times a week out of the 7 days for more then a few hours at least each day. IMO

    Couples In Love..Well it depends on what the couple is like and what they are into. I wouldn't mind being with my baby each and every day and having her spend the night..


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  • whatever feels right to you, every couple is going to be different and every person is different as to how much time they want/need to spend alone. I think it's important for people to have separate lives, just because they are a couple doesn't mean that they stop having friends, turn in their library card, stop being jewish etc ...


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  • 24/7.

    whoever thinks that is ridiculous.

    my ex and I just broke up after dating for 15 months and we saw each other 2-4 times a week.

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