She asked me If i like her before she had to go?

I was texting the girl I like and she told me she had to leave in half an hour so the conversation went on until about 3 minutes before she had to leave and I said to her that I was so happy I met her, she replied say that im an amazing person and that before she went she wanted to ask me something, which was do you like me. I said I did and before she had to go she said "I look forward to what the future holds but until then, to be continued" Does she like me back?

Thanks girls but I asked her if she liked me and she said she didn't. I appreciate the attention though


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  • i definitely think she does like you..its clear from when she asked, do u like me and also I look forward to what the future holds.. hope it turns out well for you! :)

  • Yes she does, lucky the two of you :)


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