I sent him abusive message drunk & I don't know what to do? Help!?

So me & my guy friend have been kicking it for the last 9 months things have calmed down, as I got feelings and I'm completely confused if he likes me, just using me or what! Anyways last night a little drunk I messaged him 'fuck u'.

He's seen it this morning and hasn't replied & I feel kinda bad at what I've done, I don't even know why I did it! Doesn't he care if he's ignored it? Should I tell him it wasn't me? What should I do?


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  • Just say you are sorry and that you were drunk. Why lie?

    • I feel like leaving it because he ignored it, he would have messaged back if he cared right?

    • Probably.

  • It can be easily fixed if it's just a "fuck you". But I suggest you talk it out with him


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