Asking me to go with to a family event after a wedding that he is being my date at - does this mean we are getting more serious?

I've been hanging out/talking with this guy since February . We have been taking things pretty slow up with how things have progressed. We text daily/snap chat and most recently we have been talking on the phone at nights. We have hung out and gone on one on one dates and group dates together.

I asked him to be my date to a wedding that I am the maid of honor in this Saturday. (I asked him awhile ago about this.) He called me yesterday saying that his family has a golf outing that they are doing that day and he was wondering if after the reception is done at 10 P.M. if I wanted to go meet up with his family with him. (Aunts, Uncles, sisters, parents and cousins) I said of course that I'd be up for that. They are going to be at a restaurant/bar afterwards.

Does this mean things are getting more serious if he is bringing me around family? Or did he just feel obligated to bring me along so he wouldn't have to ditch me after the wedding? Thoughts?


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  • While, on one hand, "meeting the parents/family" doesn't always have a HUGE meaning for guys the way it seems to with girls, it seems obvious that things are continuing to get more serious with you two, yes.

    He could have easily made an excuse to "ditch you" (as you put it) after the wedding, but he obviously wants you there with him, as you wanted him at the wedding with you. This is pretty normal "dating" behavior, so I'm not sure why it is such a surprise to you, but you two are clearly more and more comfortable around each other and sharing more of your lives with each other. That's always a positive.


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