I have given up on dating for real!?

So i dated a guy and it was on and of for 4 years, it went horribly bad so i took a break but got back out there and began dating, and i dated now total of 3 guys, 2 of them werent that big of a deal but i did get disappointed, but the last one i really really liked and it was the best dating experiance and it was all going great but he suddently began pulling away which is weird since he told me he liked me and after our wow date he pulled away. Not talking to me anymore, not meeting me when he was in town ( he lives in another town) so i took a chance and asked him beacause i was hurt, that he went from being all over me to not talking to me. He got out of a 6 years relationship last year, and I've never had a real bf, im 22 he is 24 and his ex has a new bf and is pregant so he should be able to move on.. but i asked him if he was still interested because we hadn't talked for weeks and he said he isn't looking for anything serious now because he doesn't have any time now. Which is true he traveles a lot and he goes to university and is maybe tranfering to another place, one option is my town if he gets in, and he has a lot on his plate he said.. but this hurt me a lot, and yes maybe im bitter but I've given up, im tired of dating and for it to not work out, tired of men who say they like me and run away when things get serious

Why did he even bother to date me if he wasn't in it for the long run? He wanted to meet me all of those dates, leading me on and than telling me how he likes me and it sucked that we didn't get to spend a lot of time together, and now nothing..
I remember praying about wanting to meet someone who is great and loving and has things in common with me and is easy to talk to and laugh with, and he showed up and i was so thankful..and now im just hurt


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  • THREE guys after your ex and you're gonna quit?

    You started dating your most recent ex at age 18, and you're gonna quit NOW?


    Don't quit! I believe in you. :)

    • I know I'm young but honestly what is the point of getting hurt all the time..its not worth it to be honest..loves not worth it

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  • i dont blame you for giving up dating. although you are a but young to quit dating.


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  • so whats ur question again?

    • sorry i guess its more like venting :p

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