This girl didn't answer the phone when I called her to setup a date.?

I met this girl online and I got her phone number so I called later on and she never answered the phone. I just left a message explaining what I wanted to do on the date and gave her my number. I just find it odd that she didn't answer the phone. Wouldn't most girls be watching the phone if they gave out their number? This sucks cause now she'll probably call back when I'm at work. Are some girls afraid to answer the phone when they know the guy they like might be on the other end?


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  • You called "later on". Well she was probably doing something later on. No, women do not sit around and stare at their phones waiting for a boy to call, we're not as obsessed with men and dating as you seem to think. We have lives, we have things we need/want to do.

    She might not have picked up because-

    - She was in the bathroom/shower
    - She was out with friends
    - She was away from her phone
    - She didn't hear the phone ring
    - She was at work
    - She was in some way preoccupied or busy
    - She didn't recognize the number so she waited for it to go to voicemail to see who it was

    You are not the center of her universe. She probably gave you her number off handedly and will get back to you before the week's end. Sometimes it's hard to find the time and courage and space to make an actual phone call, I'm sure it's not easy for you to talk to someone like that for the first time- especially someone you like, and especially someone you've never met before. We get nervous, too. Take a chill pill and just be patient. If you don't care that much then move on.


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  • sounds like she is gameplaying dude

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