I want a gf but I don't know how.. can anyone help me?

I've given up on online dating and I'd like to get out into the real world and get a gf and eventually get a wife now that I'm getting older.. any suggestions. I'd really be greatful


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  • I've only found someone I was interested in dating online or through friends. It's always kind of been my personal rule to never get involved with a guy from a bar. Other then that I don't have much advise on how to meet people. Of course there's always joining something to meet people, like sports or a meetup group.

    Sorry I'm not more helpful.

    • I always hear about meetup groups what exactly are those? You are helpful

    • https://www.meetup.com/

      Go to the website. Then you find different groups in your area that do stuff. It's everything from sports, book clubs, religious groups, art, single people, people with pets, etc.

      I'm part of a single women's group even tho I'm no longer single lol. We just go to dinner once a month. I'm also a part of an arts group. We usual go to an art exhibit once a month.

    • that's awesome thank you

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  • I met my boyfriend through friends a year ago and he's probably around your age, I'm quite a bit younger than him. I guess look at Clooney - he JUST got engaged, and I would say holding off DEFINITELY paid off for him! I mean have you seen his fiancee? And she's a LAWYER.

    • I don't even come close to clooney. I can't wait that long

    • The point isn't to come close to Clooney, he was just my example. How about joining something like a unisex (eg.) Dragon Boat team? You might meet someone there, and it's really fun!

    • I'm afraid of the water

  • I want a boyfriend, and I don't know how either.

    • It's easier for the girls to find someone than vice versa in my humble opinion

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    • Thanks, I'll try. It's just so hard sometimes, you know. Some of my friends are getting married, having kids...Or tying the knot. It makes me wonder what's wrong with me to still be single for so long... :'

    • I know that feeling all my friends are with someone

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  • Sometimes you just meet women you strike up a conversation with em or run into old friends go to dating events etc your choice.

  • same here :), people say your still, young you will find the one, but I don't believe that, only cause I've been sinlge this long, if I double the time I would be around 48, and that's not cool

    • you have plenty of time

    • i wish you luck on finding someone aswell

    • Thanks

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