Help! i think i was awkward with this girl i like?

OK I am awkward with women and i hate it!

I like this girl in my college class. I sit next to her and try to talk to her before class and she smiles and seems to like talking to me. Its always a little awkward. She seems shy and doesn't say much. She doesn't talk to any other guys in the class and has one female friend in it. When another guy tried to flirt with her she ignored him.

she's always talking about how she has to work all the time and is always tired. We have to go to a museum for class on our own for an assignment. So after class i caught up to her in the hall and talked with her a bit then said i was gonna go this weekend and wondered if she wanted to go with me. She said she had to work over the weekend and didn't even know when she could go.

I said are you always working? Then i worried it sounded like an accusation. Then i started acting awkward but calmed down. Then said, well let me know, see you next class. Then she look surprised but smiled and said ok see you next class.

I had wanted to ask for her # but felt too awkward. What should I do next?


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  • I think nothing went wrong, and it wasn't awkward. Just give her your number next time you see her and tell her that you want to hangout with her

  • Give her your number and say the invite is open! Anytime. She may be shy...


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