I feel like she doesn't like me?

The girl I'm dating works 6 days a week. This week she says has to study the 1 day that we would normally see eachother. I try and text her but when we do, it's only brief conversation. She seems uninterested but on our dates we talk for hours.

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  • Normally many people will say this is sign of not interested. I would say, if she is busy, give her some time.
    If you guys speak hours when you two meet, that is the key. If she doesn't like you why does she ' waste ' her time for you?
    We girls, if we don't like the guy, we don't even pick the call.
    If she is busy, then she is busy. Believe her. Don't question.
    Enjoy your relationship, don't sabotage it.


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  • I dont know how to answer the poll with the question you asked

    • I just sounds like she is extremely busy, becasuse you said that you talk for ever if her time permits. so, i think she likes you

  • If she uses the I'm busy sorry line. Its a given she's not that into you. You can always fit someone in your life if you really want to.

  • Try to see her at work if possible? Her break?


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