Love triangle with 2 brothers help please!!

Hello :)
I'm currently in uni and this guy told me a month ago that he likes me, and had asked me out a few times. I gradually started to be interested in him maybe because he has been so persistent, don't think it is love though. Things started to get complicated when I met his brother a week ago who goes to the same uni (he is in his final yr, I am a freshman) and it was like love at first sight and yay because he asked me out.

I don't know how to explain to guy 1 because I have declined him a few times but I do want to go out with his brother. I don't want their relationship to get complicated with each other either. What should I do?


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  • that is AWKWARD, i proper answer would be not to date either one of them, but i you decide to go ahead to expect to be invited home


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  • therea talk show here in cleveland that has a thing called the "thursday hookup", a girl comes on and asks guys that call in about them and all that. she chooses which guy she wants to go on the date with and the show pays for the first date. a couple of weeks ago, a girl, who's bi, and kind of freaky (in a sexual sense), not only wants to be married, but also wants to have another guy along with the marriage, so essentially, she want to be married to two guys at once. i dk if you're as freaky as her, but you could always do that. other than that, imo, if you're into two people at once, you probably aren't into either one of them, and just enjoy the attention. find someone new


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