Guy I'm seeing hasn't texted me in a couple of days... Should I be worried?

We usually text/talk at least once a day and since the weekend (it's Tuesday night where I am) he has barely talked to me... He has an assignment due but I really don't think that is much of an excuse, it's not that hard to pick up your phone and send a quick text. What should I do.. Has he lost interest or is he just busy?

And he went out in the weekend too, it was his birthday...


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  • 2 days isn't that long.

    How long have you been talking and have you had sex yet?

    • We have been talking for about 2 months, and he usually texts me throughout the day or ends up calling me at night just to say goodnight because he was too busy to message me..

      I last saw him on Saturday (his birthday) but then I went to Sydney until Monday and he only texted me a couple of times and that's with me initiating the conversation.. He said he ended up going out drinking for his birthday.

      Monday night when I was back, I asked him to sleep over mine- no response
      Then this morning I just sent him a text saying, good morning stranger xx - no response.

      I'm only worried because I like him, and it scares me that he is being distant..

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    • Well you said he has a project or assignment or something. Before you confront him about this, wait til that assignment is over with. I don't know where you live, but where I live it is finals week, and I don't really have time to see people or go out right now either... Looking at my phone there actually are a couple texts I haven't replied to yet.

      Maybe he just knows that he won't have time for you right now and doesn't want to break it that you can't be a priority to him right now, but doesn't know how to communicate it.

      If he really means the exclusive thing, then I doubt he would be ignoring you on purpose. Is he still posting on any social media sites he uses while he's not talking to you?

    • Yeah, I'm just going to leave it for now.
      I trust that he will eventually let me know what is going on.
      Thank you for you help and comfort.

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  • have you tried texting him?

    I think it's an over reaction to assume he doesn't like you because he hasn't texted in a day

    • remember even you said that he was busy with an assignment

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    • well if a guy is going completely non-communication for several days it would lead me to believe that for some reason his interest has waned. I mean there isn't a good excuse to simply not communicate at all aside from not being all that invested in a relationship

    • He had family stuff going on, I saw him today and he explained everything :)

  • I think you should relax and await his response.

    It could be a number of reasons.

    • Yeah, I know.. I just miss him 😔

    • That's understandable, but it's best to sit it out to prevent any heartbreak if it turns for the worse.

    • Has he contacted you yet?

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  • he might be not interested

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