Rebound relationships...

why would someone want to date to cope with the sadness of an ex?

do they ever really work out?


how long do they normally last?

my ex and I broke up 2 months ago and she began dating a new guy a little while after we broke up.

she seems very happy, but I can't see it working out.

one quick question...

are the people that are in rebound relationships acknowledge the fact they are in such a relationship? or do they think they are in just any other relationship?



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  • Q: why would someone want to date to cope with the sadness of an ex?

    A: two reasons. one, to make their ex jealous, even if they hate their ex with a passion, its just something most people feel like they need to do. and two, so they won't feel so lonely, it will distract their mind from their ex, and also feel kind of, filled in.

    Q: do they ever really work out? why?

    A: yes, as a matter of fact, I'm in a rebound relationship. I have been in this same relationship for two years, and we have never really had any major problems. BUT, we have dated a long time before, we broke up because I lost my dad. but that's a completely different story, but maybe we got back because we known each other so well. really, it just depends on the circumstances.

    Q: how long do they normally last?

    A: usually not long at all, most likely the rebound person, realizes that its JUST rebound, and get fed up with the idea. so it usually ends within the first week or two.

    don't worry about it, they most likely won't last. and just show you still care for her when they break. be her support.

    • She seems very happy being in a relationship with this guy. (I haven't talked to her, it's just from what I hear).

      from what I've been reading it seems like most people look at rebounds as a temporary fix, but it doesn't make sense why someone would date right away.

      do people know that they are in a rebound relationship? can they appear to be happy, but eventually realize they aren't over their ex?

      for me, I couldn't date right after I broke up with an ex and seem happy.

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  • rebounds usually end with someone getting hurt and usually it is the person who unwittingly got into a relationship with someone who wasn't over their ex. rebounds hurt beyond anything, especially if it was the first relationship which was the case for me.

    the guy never cared about me.

  • Rebounds tend to not work out. Never say never, but someone who's reeling, confused and angry after a breakup simply isn't in a good state of mind to make a rational choice in a partner.

    In my experience, rebounds tend to last a few weeks to 2 months. They burn out relatively quickly.

    • But she seems like she likes him.

      that's why I am wondering how can you define it exactly as a rebound.

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    • I'm like you. But people handle breakups differently. Sometimes they want to prove to themselves that they're still datable. Sometimes they want to vent all their anger and frustration on some poor sucker who doesn't know the backstory...

    • Thanks for the answers

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  • It depends on how long you guys were dating, if it was more than a year then she most likely still has feelings for you but is trying to use someone else to get over you.

    Rebound relationships don't last because the person rebounding is just thinking about themselves and doesn't care about the other persons feelings.

    When the excitment dies so does the relationship, that's why they only last up to 2 months

    I wouldn't be surprised if she comes back to you after she gets bored of him.

    • But she seems so happy with this guy.

      how do we know she hasn't moved on completely?

    • You never know.

      If she was really in love with you or had really strong feelings for you, if that's the case you can't get over someone that quickly it takes months or even years.

      if you want her back just send her a casual text every 2-3 days so you stay on her mind, and when things in her relationship go bad just be there for her to comfort and she'll came back to you but never bring up the topic of getting back together let her do that.