Text messaging

So I'm trying to get with this girl and I was texting her today while I was on the train. The conversation didn't get too serious because my phone died. I was telling my friend about what happened and he said that she should be the one to start the conversation. I wanted to know if you guys think that and ways to get her to start conversations in the future.

By ways to get her to start conversations, I mean ways for us to have conversations that she would want more of.


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What Girls Said 1

  • most likely if she's not starting the conversation, it would mean she's not THAT interested.

    but sometimes it means that he just isn't good at opening conversation.

    and text messages are definitely not the best way to get into deep or sexual conversation.

    at least call the girl, so you can hear in the tone of her voice, her actual reaction to what you have to say.


What Guys Said 1

  • It's ok for you to text her first. However what is important to remember is to not pester her too much or on the same token let her text you 24/7.

    The only way to get her to start conversations is to make her interested in you. If she's not interested she won't text you, end of story.