What can I do to impress my girlfriend that she wouldn't expect?

I've been dating this girl for about 6 months. in the beginning things moved kinda fast. meaning we fell hard and fast. I've always been very loving. always buying her things and doing whatever I can for for her. maybe to much? lately I think the new has kinda worn off for her. maybe I went overboard with showing her my feelings. I want to do something new and special for her that will sweep her off her feet. something she would never expect. so girls please help me!


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  • Think of a date you had or a special moment you had, a day you spent together that was amazing or even how you met. Then recreate it. For example, lets say the first time you kissed her was across from a football feild in some random persons driveway... blindfold her and take her there, and when you get there, take it off. Then talk about how you remember the first time you kissed her and how nervous you were, how beautiful she looked, etc. Then kiss her.

    Recreating a moment that was special to her is the cutest thing you could do, trust me(=


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