Are the people that are involved in a rebound relationship know they are in a rebound relationship?

basically, I want to get back with my ex and she has a new guy.

we dated for 15+ months and broke up 3 weeks ago. she got a new guy a few days ago.

so...are the people that that involved in a rebound relationship know they are in a rebound relationship? meaning does my ex girlfriend think she is in a rebound relationship or could she be totally oblivious to what's going on and think she's in a serious, meaningful relationship so soon.


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  • well I was in one recently and I didn't realize it until we broke up and I was like wow I don't even care that we broke chances sre she isn't aware. I think you should give her time. most likely she is doing this to get over you because that's how it was for me...its rly not possible to get that into another person that quickly...ive tried many times

    hope I helped in some way


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  • you broke off for a reason, let go of her..

    My guess is the guy was round the corner when she was about to dumped you...

    However if you dumped her, then its likely a rebound...

    • I broke it off with her, but it was slightly mutual I think

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    • But...she did meet this guy before I broke it off with her.

      oh well.

      not point in going crazy worrying about it.

    • U right, she is gone...

      Probably the guy was round the corner, hence it was "slightly mutual.."

  • She has no idea, she thinks that he is the second coming of Jesus, and if it is truly a rebound, then it probably will not last. She was hurt and lonely and he “came to the rescue” if you want her back, the play it cool, act like it doesn’t bother you and show her how great you are without her, and maybe even get a new girl just to show her you aren’t stuck on her and she will probably come back.

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