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My best friend Avery is my neighbor, so we walk back and forth to each others house all the time. When we hang we bring our brothers because my brother is a year younger than us and her brother is a year older than us. Well, we all are friends and stuff and our parents are fine if me and Avery bro just hung out of if Avery and Chad hung out...Avery's brother, Emerson, is soo kind and sweet to me and I am realizing I really like him. But I don't know if he likes me back, could he just being nicer to me because I'm Avery s BFFL or something? Because we both have an xbox360 and sometimes he begs me to go on to play with JUST him. I am so confused! And, is it right to like Avery's brother? He's her brother, I haven't told her yet and I'm afraid too because she might tell her brother and they'll all laugh at me...So, I need a lot of help as you can see. Should I keep flirting with Emerson or should I back off. Should I tell Avery I like her brother or should I not. Does Emerson like me or is he just being nice to me?

me and Avery were jking around and I am trying to hint at me liking Emerson, well I was like "lets be serius for a sec, I like emerson" then I decided to lie and said "jk haha' "holy sh*t thankgod you scared me there for a min."should I tell her da truth?


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  • I like my friends brother and I told her and she's fine with it. My friend is 20 years old and her brother is 15 (he's a year younger than me). My friend actually helps me and tells me what I should do and stuff. were kin of like a group too becuase she's friends with my bro. We go watch them play soccer sometimes. Anyways, if she's a good friend she would help you and support you and wouldn't tell her bro. If you really want to tell her go ahead, I did and it helped a lot. You know what keep flirting with him.Hang out with Emerson alone and then try and get to know him better and maybe the friendship will evolve. Don't be shy to plan it because it gives you more confidence.

    • Thankyou I think I will....i accidently clicked spam by mistake! il tell you how it works out

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    • Your welcome :)

    • If you need anymore help just add me as a friend

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