Never been kissed...never been dated? what's wrong with me?

At 18 years old, and having only been kissed on a dare, I am starting to wonder.

Never having a boyfriend hasn't really bothered me, I just go through each day as myself, and that's it.

Recently though, it seems like everyone had started to notice. Even my grandma.

So now the more I think about it, the more I have to wonder, "what's wrong with me? What am I doing wrong?"


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  • "Never having a boyfriend hasn't really bothered me, I just go through each day as myself, and that's it."

    I for one don't see anything wrong with this. It is your life, what you do with it is your call.

    "what's wrong with me? What am I doing wrong?"

    Nothing. Realiaze your happiness is your responsibility; not grandma's, not your parents', not your friends', not your pets', ...etc. If anyone tells you that your happiness is his/her/their responsibility, correct them. Tell them it is YOUR life that you are living, and not theirs, neither can they live your life for you, even if they want to. There is only one life each human being can live, his/hers.

    If, however, one day you decide that you want the experience of courtship, the first thing you need to do is to decide, "What kind of guy do I want?" Not knowing the answer to this question is the same as walking/driving with your eyes closed, saying, "I don't mind where I end up in" ... guess what, those who say that usually end up in the ditch. And then, start swearing at the ditch! :)


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  • A further thought for you to ponder on, instead of asking what's wrong with you, ask ---

    What's right with me? What am I doing RIGHT?

    ans: You get yourself the chance of finding Mr. Right with your FIRST TRY. How do you do that? By learning from others' mistakes. You have your next 20 years (at least) to meet Mr. Right, what's the hurry? The kind of "Mr. Right", at your age group, you really think they are your "Mr. Right?" :)

    Ask those who "are concerned about you" this >>> "Have you seen what happened to those who drove at 200 mph in order to 'get there fast'? What did their 'there' turn out to be?"

    You may be interested in reading these two links:

    How to meet Mr. Right on your first try, without ever having to meet Mr. Wrong? >>> link

    Why are there so many messy relationships? What are the fatal mistakes people make? How to stay free of people who you don't want to come into your life? >>> link

  • I know a girl who I'm friends with at my school whos never even had a boyfriend or kissed someone and she's pretty so there's nothing wrong with you. she's also 18. I was really really shy I didn't get my first girlfriend or first real kiss until I was 17.

    dont worry about it :)

  • Lots and lots of people don't have any sexual experience for a long part of their lives. Think of the people in ancient times, or those with very strict religious beliefs. Maybe you just haven't found the right person yet.

    Improve yourself, keep looking. That's all you can do.

    Nothing is wrong with you. The right person could be just around the corner.

  • Nothing is wrong with and it doesn't sound like you are doing anything wrong. I know girls who are 2 or 3 years older than you and they are very beautiful and very smart and have never had a boyfriend or been kissed.


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  • im 20 never kissed or dated...but I'm constantly called gorgeous! and smart!

    just be patient and wait I guess...

  • I didn't get my first kiss till just after my 20th birthday. Until that point I was desperate to get my first kiss, have a boyfriend, etc. But later on I realised that it may have been a good thing that I didn't get involved with anyone at a younger age because I learned a lot from observing my friends' relationships and hearing about their experiences. I know it's hard to believe and probably doesn't make you feel much better, but when you're older you'll look back and realise that being single when you were a teenager allowed you more freedom, gave you room to meet different types of guys and could've prevented you from making mistakes and doing things you'd regret due to being young and naive. I also realised when I met my first serious boyfriend (at the age of 20), that there's absolutely nothing wrong with me, it just so happened that I didn't meet someone right for me earlier. I have friends who have been dating since the age of 13, been through a list of boyfriends and had sex with most of them. In some ways I'm glad I wasn't the same and didn't start dating early, it's allowed me to develop as a person during the most important period of my life before, realise what my values and morals are and how I would like my life to be without having to worry about someone else, and I believe it's helped me make better decisions in relationships that were to come later and deal with situations better.

    If people ask why you haven't got a boyfriend, just tell them you haven't met anyone right for you yet. Don't try to rush it, if it happens, it happens, if not, just go out, meet people and concentrate on being someone happy, confident, kind and fun to be around and I have no doubt that with time, some lucky guy will realise what a good catch you are. And believe me, you're not alone, there are other girls out there who are your age and even older who have not had a boyfriend or even their first kiss. Good luck :)

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