Guys, How many of you label yourself nice as opposed to someone else doing that?

I've been called a "nice guy" before and I've hated it because I don't consider myself to be a "nice guy"

We always hear and read about "self proclaimed nice guys" and how they are not nice, but jerks who are acting nice. When I get called nice.I always assume that they are adding me to the whole "nice guy" situation which is irritating

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  • Nothing wrong with being nice. I'm a nice guy. People call me a nice guy. I pride myself on being a good hearted person.

    What's your hang up with it?

    • "Nice" has transformed from an innocent adjective to a label which means anything but nice. Just google "nice guy" and tell me what you find.I don't like being associated with bitterness and self pity

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    • Thanks for MH :)

    • No problem. Good practical advice =D

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  • I get called nice all the time! :D

  • A lot of people call me a "nice guy" I know I can be a "nice guy" but I can be a real ass hole to... lol

  • being called a nice or sweet guy on a first date is the kiss of death

  • I'm a nice guy and it's something I'm happy. I've never fallen out with anyone except some of my family (my brothers mainly) and even then not many times. Even when my girlfriend dumped me to go back with her ex I was nice to her and we're still friends. I can't actually recall anyone telling me that I'm nice though

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