How should I handle dating my brother's best friend?

Here is the deal; my brother’s best friend and I have been FWB for the past year, it seems like things are going to move more into a dating thing at this point in time. As I know you shouldn’t date your brother’s best friend however, this happened! As we are both grown and in our mid twenties and well able to make a choice as to who we want to date.

But my real question is how do I go about doing this? I am a strong independent women, with 2 college degrees and has started a successful business and well on my way to being something in my chosen profession and he is more of a laid back take life as it comes guy (no real direction as to what he wants to do).

As we do not live in the same city this whole dating thing will only take place when I come home or when he comes and visited me!

My question is should we just date and see where this is going before we tell my brother and the family? Or should we just be open with the whole thing and then see where things will go?

I know that this could change my brothers and my parent’s relationship with him as he is close with both. I would hate for tension to be created between my parents and brother with him as he does live just cross the street. I am just at a lost as to what would be the best way to see how this whole thing plays out!

All answers would be greatly appreciated!


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  • Do what your heart tells you.


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