What happened, why all of the sudden?

Here are some details of our situation,

He is 31 and I'm 23. We have gone out two times, but we talk everyday almost all day. Sometimes he calls, lately quite often! We haven't seen eachother more times, because he works and I have a baby to take care of! He's always asking how I am, how's my day going, and asking questions to getting to know me better! Yes, we have had sex talks, but the times we have gone out, he has never tried anything, not even a kiss, just hugs! He said he felt like he knew me forever in our first date. He always initiates contact, and sends me pictures of what he's doing. He got mad the other day when I told him to go flirt with other girls. We have made more plans but I want to take things slow since I'm a little scared, we are very honest and forward to each other, we have said that we like eachother and that he wants me and I want him (sexually). He's never bored, he's always looking to mantain the conversation, even when he's busy. In our dates he had paid, and has come for me to my house. Also I told him that mind games were so boring for me, and he was like " why are you saying that? I don't want you to think that, what makes you think that?" He's really nice and sweet and he has never called me sexy or stuff like that. He calls me exotic. He asks about my kid, my parents, my life and he talks about his, he asks about my goals, my plans and stuff like that. We've been talking for 2 months.

Here's my question of today,

Today he has barely talk to me, I'm so sad, I'm like a hopeless romantic that falls in love too fast too soon, so I don't know what's wrong!

Yesterday we were on a video call for almost 2 hours! So why the sudden change? Has he changed me for someone else? I'm going crazy!!
we were talking in the morning and then he left me talking by myself, so hours later I contacted him, and talks a few minutes and have not heard from him since (5 hours)


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  • If you were waiting for him to initiate contact maybe that could be why.. Get in contact with him first sometimes too..


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