Guys what was your favorite thing a girl ever got you? Best birthday gift for a new guy?

I have been dating this guy for about 3 weeks and his birthday is next weekend. I don't know what to get him or do for him!!! I need some ideas. What do you guys like? My first idea was to cook him dinner, buy his favorite beer, and bake a cake but he is on this shred diet and can't have any of that. I have general ideas of what he's into. Is it lame to get him a hat of his favorite team or something? I don't know?


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  • My first girlfriend was laying in bed when I came over to her. She was under the covers and something seemed off. I lifted the covers, she was naked, said, "I wanted to surprise you"

    Very cute. :o) It's the simple things in life.

    • That's interesting did you have a key to her place or something? Was that the first time you saw her naked? Sorry if these are too personal of questions lol

    • Nah. I visited a lot. We had already been hanging out and I was spending the night. No it wasn't the first time.

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  • I've never received a gift from a woman.

  • Dinner would be perfect as long as he likes what you're making.

    • But he can only eat very specific things for a couple weeks on this diet so what I would have to make would be no fun no beer no cake :/

  • We were only dating two months on my birthday when she got me a really cute teddy and a heartfelt card. I loved it.


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