He was online but didn't text me back..second time?


So me and this guy have been texting for about 4 month now.
He is in the military and now deployed (since a week now)
Last thing I texted him was, I miss you <3.
He was online but didn't read my message.
I know it is more important for him to talk to his friends and family but this kinda broke my heart.
It's the second time that this happened.

I don't know what I should do..he once said that I finally might be someone he could spent the rest of his life with...it's confusing me.

Should I wait? Is he playing hard to get? I don't know..

Do you have any ideas?


Guys, do you have any ideas? :)


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  • I think you should just wait. Maybe he's busy i mean you did mention he is deployed. I mean if he's online for a while and he doesn't say anything back to you then that should be something to worry about...


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  • Your being dramatic. If he hasn't seen it then he is probably just busy being over there. It'll be okay hun!! it will be okay!!