Do guys like nice girls? What level of kindness are they looking for?

Okay don't get me wrong of course guys like nice girls... But To what extent? Strangely enough I got attracted to my boyfriend because he was the hot, cool kind at first and I was freaking out when saying hi a first. We got along and he opened up to me quite easily and he has a great sense of humour. I've noticed that he is friendly to mates but kind of ignores other girls who flirt? Like ignore in a polite way and I'm certain he is straight

Are guys attracted to girls who are friendly to everyone? I've had girl friends who are over the top friendly and nice to every guy she sees... And it's hard to distinguish whether she is flirting or being nice

Thanks :)

Lol I meant hot, cool as in good looking and cool lol wasn't being contradictory :)


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  • You notice him ignoring other girls who flirt with him because he's your boyfriend and he doesn't want you to think anything will happen between them.

    I like when girls are nice. I hate "sassy" attitudes, so I guess nice girls are preferred


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  • We like hot girls, if you take care of your body or a re blessed with a great face, or simply really know how to improve your looks with clothing and makeup, you are good to go, personality is very small important, it only matters in the very very very long run, however if you have two hot girls, same level of hot, the nice one wins.

  • A nice personality is always a win win. Who who want mean bossy person anyways >.>

    • thnx for your comment! :) I was wondering what guys thought about girls who are super friendly to every guy she sees. I'm not sure, probably in a flirtatious way? I'm not a guy so I cannot be certain, but will it make their boyfriends slightly uncomfortable at the least?

      I was just wondering because although I'm a friendly person some girls I notice are extra friendly to guy friends.

    • Its not as uncomfortable as someone with a big annoying mouth but just talk in a soft tone voice so he won't be initimidated by u. If u talk too loud, it sometimes can be annoying >.>
      So tone down ur voice =)

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