Girls: opinions on guys with acne?

I am a young adult who still struggles with acne. No it doesn't "just go away" for everyone fortunately, and I've tried everything to get rid of it but nothing works.

I exercise 3-6 times a week, eat plenty of fruits, wash my face twice a day, regularly wash and change my pillow cases and shower daily. So it's not my lifestyle, just unfortuneate genetics/chemical imbalances.

Just curious how much of an issue acne is to girls. I still have girls tell me I'm attractive and get my fair share of action (my picture is me), but I feel like some girls don't consider me because of my adult acne.

Just wondering if it's a deal breaker for some.

my skin looks fine in the pic because most of my acne is around my cheekbone and jawline area by the way

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  • Try proactive - my cousin had really bad acne as well but the proactive cleared up her skin.

    • I use proactiv. It helps manage it, but doesn't clear me up completely

    • They might have acupuncture people who can help you with that. I saw a t.v. show where a girl with skin problem was able to resolve them by going to one.

    • Really? Well I'll have to try that then! One of the few things I haven't yet haha

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  • Doesn't really matter looks are just a bonus, if your funny, and have a great personality then hey its all good guys are the visual ones us girls don't care how you look just as long as your sweet we will like you.

    • That's not what I was hoping to hear haha. I wasn't asking about personality, I was asking about physical appearance.

      So acne automatically makes guys unattractive to you?

    • And when I say unattractive, I mean from a purely physical standpoint. No personality involved

  • My boyfriend has acne and i love him to bits and think he's the hottest

    I am not gonna lie to you, I am a sexy girl and have many options and chose him because he is amazing and i find him insanely handsome with or without acne
    and he makes me more horny and satisfied than any of my ex bfs who didn't have acne

    Moral of the story: that shit doesn't matter one little bit to me and you should find someone who can look past things like that

  • It's a deal breaker for me. I wouldn't look twice.

    I have pretty good skin so I expect the same on my guy.

    • Alright thanks for the input.

      Just letting you know though, it's not a matter of hygiene, exercise, diet or personal health in general for everyone. Sometimes it's just genetic (like in my case). And guys don't have makeup as a crutch to cover up what we don't want you to see.

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    • Yep, thanks for the opinion

    • What a cunt

  • I don't really mind acne as long as it's not HUGE areas with puss all over it. Sorry but THAT'S a deal breaker.

    • ok mine isn't like, grotesque or discusting. it's more dark spots than actual acne at this point. jsut sucks cause I have a strong jawline, but it's covered up by this damn acne lol

  • No, it won't bother me much. I didn't have flawless skin either a few months back. And I completely get it that things like acne don't really matter much. As long as overall I find him attractive, who cares?

  • doesn't rlly matter

  • I really don't think you have to worry about not being attractive to girls though - you look very handsome and charming in your picture, and the girls who didn't consider you probably just weren't into you.

    I've also never heard any girl past the age of 17 give acne as a reason for not considering a guy as a dating prospects. The only two physical attributes that I hear fairly frequently as a dealbreaker are that a guy is too short/tall or thin/fat.

    My ex used to get the odd cyst on his face and it didn't make him any less attractive to me. His back was usually covered in pimples and blackheads as well. Of course you notice it, but it wasn't a turnoff.

    If you haven't tried it yet, I managed to control my acne by switching to a roughly 80% raw, dairy-free diet and pretty much never drinking alcohol - mostly nuts, raw veggies and some fruit, and plenty of water/herbal teas. So boring to eat after a while... but it feels nice to have no pimples for a change :)

    • Firstly thank you for the compliments, that's very nice of you.

      I have tried altering my diet, but my diet has always been very meat oriented as I need the protein since I exercise often. I almost never drink alcohol (maybe once every 3 months or so). Did you completely cut meat and sugars out of your diet?

      I'm sure it's only a deal breaker to some women, but for me personally I would love to finally be rid of it for good. I have a strong jawline (mostly due to dental work, I had very bad teeth), but it is covered in acne a lot of the time. It's just frustrating that I'm 24 and still struggle with this even though I feel like ti should have been over and done with years ago.

    • I totally understand! I'm 28 and have only enjoyed clear skin for the last 3 months, tried everything except Roaccutane. It was either that next, or giving raw veggies a shot, both were unappealing but one definitely sounded less potentially permanently damaging.

      I've never had much of a sweet tooth in the first place and can't eat much fruit (fructose malabsorption, causes all kinds of bloating and nausea), don't drink any sodas, so my diet is probably quite low in sugar.

      Hmm, good question on whether meat would affect your skin - I'm honestly not sure. I used to eat a fair amount of meat, but stopped eating meat & dairy about 8 years ago. I didn't really notice a change in my skin though. So perhaps eating meat will not cause problems, maybe try meat + raw if you want to keep the high protein? Otherwise, beans are awesome sources of protein - I eat my boring, raw vegetables with a generous side of hummus, and so far it hasn't affected my skin for the worse.

  • i don't actually care.

    I notice my mom and aunts always talk about people with skin/face problems. I don't see the big issue with it, unless it's something that needs severe medical attention. I think it's really embarrassing when i find someone attractive and my mom or aunt starts saying things about how his face is so rocky and even start asking him questions trying to help him.

    • Well that's refreshing to hear. Thanks!

    • yup! i don't see anything wrong with it or it being a turn off unless like i said before it needs serious medical attention, like if it looks like you're dying or something. yw!

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  • My dude man try black African soap! It is amazing! Use that jojoba oil and moisturizer and your skin will improve!

  • It could also be stress related. Stress causes imbalances in the body and the way it functions, it makes the body release some chemicals and then there's side effects. Some get acne, some lose hair, some start gaining weight.
    I have some acne going on. It's not that bad, but i get some scars and i hate these bc they go aways really hard.
    Then i have some food intolerances when my stress is at high levels.

    • Yea I think it might be stress related. I don't know really, I've tried virtually everything to get rid of it, but I can only manage it to the point where it's not cronic