Help with dating a woman that is divorced with kids?

I have been seeing this girl for 6 weeks now. She gives signals that show lack of interest but then says the opposite. Things I know:

She said she doesn't have much time and not sure if she can have a stable relationship right now.

Said she has never had a positive romantic relationship.

Asked her if she was interested in taking things slow and figuring out what she likes, she said yes. She said she was open to a relationship but needs time to figure things out along the way.

Use to text more but has backed way off. Very short responses. Doesn't initiate communication with me and never shows any interest in learning about me. I always ask the questions and keep the conversation going throwing in tidbits about myself because she never asks. She told me she comes across this way when she is stressed, and she has a lot going on right now.

Continues to want to see me and make plans several dates out.

Typically I would just cut this loose. But I am trying to give her a chance, she told me she isn't good at romance. But it is frustrating when I don't see any effort from her. She never shows affection. She is honest, she will answer any question I ask her. But having to ask 'do you like me' is kinda juvenile. I am typically someone that needs feedback otherwise I ask questions seeking reassurance, which feels juvenile. I know I can't make her come around, but I also don't want to quit if she just needs some help. Which is entirely possible.


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  • Maybe SHE is the reason she's never had a positive relationship. If you were with her exactly like she is, no changes, would you be happy? I think you should pour your time and energy into someone that you don't have to work so hard at being with. The beginning is typically the easiest time in a relationship, and it already sounds like work.


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