Ladies, how do you feel about being randomly approached in public?

I don't want to offend any women on here but in general women that are at least somewhat attractive do NOT want to be approached in public. If It's a woman who doesn't get much attention from men usually...then she will be much more receptive to it. Also most attractive women are not randomly approaching them is a bad idea. In my opinion, It's just not a good idea to approach women unless she gives me a clear signal to come talk to her. Thoughts?


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  • I guess it depends on what you consider attractive. I've been single a year now. I'm not always receptive to being approached, but I have been approached in public a couple times in the last few months, and been receptive to both.


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  • It really depends on the girl. A lot of people who are out in public are busy, therefore they might feel like getting stopped from whatever they're doing is a nuisance. This does not only apply to attractive people. Also, it's kind of dumb to just assume that attractive people are taken. This is why a lot of attractive people actually are single - nobody bothers showing interest in them because everyone thinks they're off-limits.
    But yes, generally it's a good idea to only approach the women who look approachable.

    • Because most of them are off-limits. And even if she is single, it won't be long until a guy gets her.

  • @Anonymous I always like when a guy approaches me in public. At least for me, many men don't approach me while i'm in a public place. So it's a nice change, when they do. Well, at least in my opinion it is.



    • Most women in public don't want to be bothered. Some men know this.

  • It's got to be the right setting and if you get the signals of her wanting to back off. Back off. It's difficult to answer because most of the time it's a little creepy just approach in a way that makes you seem more like a friend.

    • I don't approach women unless I give a clear cut sign to do so. I haven't gotten a signal all my life lol.

  • It doesn't bother me. It happens to me more often than not and I have no problem with it.

  • this is utter bollocks, and pardon the french. i think there's some heavy generalization going on there, which, is in fact, incorrect.
    why would attractive women 'not want' to be approached in public? if we're talking about 'stuck up bitches', then yeah i can see the point. if we're talking about creeps doing all the moves on you on the high street, i can see the point too. and well, secret revealed: we'd like to be approached by nice handsome guys from time to time, even in public, not only by the creeps! but it seems like creeps got this nonchalance about doing it that 'normal' blokes are missing. or maybe they all got this weird idea that approaching in public is 'for the creeps'? another thing: 'most attractive women are not single'. this is a false myth that's becoming quite ridiculous. truth is that you got to know how to keep a 'public' approach classy, not the usual, vulgar 'yo babes i fink u pretty'.. entendu?

    • That's the thing. We are a creep if we approach you. Men can't win lol.

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    • ok let me get this straight. 9 times out of 10, the many 'me thinks u pretty' variations said to a perfect stranger down the street are not exactly a compliment: 'pretty girls' hear that all the time, specially from so-called creeps, and generally people who're trying to get in their pants. cause truth is, if u approach someone just complimenting them for their looks, message is 'i wanna fuck'. that 1 case out of 10 when a bloke approaches a girls w that line and she's not bothered, is when she's either insecure about her looks and herself in general, or when she fancies him back (read: she finds him 'pretty' too - RARE stuff from the movies here). again, as a FIRST sentence/move/approach IN PUBLIC, the 'pretty' thing is vulgar, not a good idea.

    • This is why I never approach women when I am in public. Even when a guy means well, we are a creep to you. Damned if we do, damned if we don't.

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