When should we finally kiss? Should i make the first move?

I have been hanging out with this really great guy for 3 and half weeks now. We hang out like every other day and text constantly throughout the day. We have been out to eat where he paid for my food before, and he holds the doors open for me. When we hang out we will talk for like5 hours straight.We had talked about 3 weeks ago about seeing where things go with each other and right now i think they are going really well. He invites me to do stuff and texts me aksing how exams or things went. The other day we were watching tv and he let me rest my head on his shoulder. We haven't held hands yet, but should I try and at least hold his hand or brush up against his hand? I really want to kiss him too but I don't want to ruin things!


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  • Definetly try to brush/hold his hand, if you get the chance too! You can gauge his reaction from there, and that should tell you whether or not he wants to take things further between the two of you! If it's a good reaction, then try kissing him on the cheek, and then just keep progressing further with where you kiss him! Good luck!

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