Messaging predicament. What would you do?

When I got home last night after meeting my crush and a few other friends, I sent him a message saying I wish we could talk sometime about stuff other than work , I suggested what flavour ice cream don't ask me why' and that, even though I come across as not being I'm shy really. He replied with answers to questions I'd asked him when em met up but didn't mention the text. Should I say anything to him, ie apologise or is he sound with what I sent? I don't to come across as totally off my rocker.


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  • I think your looking in too it too much. Just be yourself and next time you see him you can bring it up and explain yourself. Just cause someone doesn't mention a text you sent doesn't mean they think you are nuts. Could be they just didn't have a remark to respond with so let it be. Sometimes trying to explain something like that over text "will" make you sound off your's better to just do it in person when he can see your facial expressions, here the tone of your voice, and you can articulate your words clearly so as not to come off like a nut! good luck and hope it all works out for you! ;D


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