Should I ask my girlfriend this?

We just started dating two weeks ago, and are both pretty happy with the relationship so far. However, a few nights ago she asked if it was okay that she's not ready to hold my hand or cuddle or anything. I said that's just fine. The same night, she held my hand and kissed me and it was great. I took it as a sign that she really is ready to. But, the next couple days she was back to no touching.

Should I casually ask her if she's comfortable with it yet? Or, should I gradually begin slowly initiating it with hugs and playful gestures? I just don't want to make it weird. Any advice at all is much appreciated.


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  • You need to slowly begin initiating more contact. She is waiting on you.

    • Alright thank you. It seemed that she had no problem initiating it when she wanted it so I was sort of hesitant to. Should I just start out with hugs and casually grab her hand sometimes?

    • Yes, start off slow and see how she reacts. Once she is comfortable with a hug then take it a step further. Don't be surprised or thrown off guard if she ends up initiating more.

What Guys Said 1

  • Initiate with her again, there's no need to talk about it.

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