What's the best way to ask a girl's mother if I can meet her daughter?

I work with the girl's mother. Recently, I saw a picture of her daughter and I thought she was simply gorgeous. I plan on small talking the mother for a little while, and then asking if I can meet her daughter if she becomes more comfortable around me. What do you all think of this and do you have any helpful suggestions?


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  • Ok so once you get comfortable around her and she warms up to you, always be respectful, be the kind of guy that she would dream for her daughter to be with. Be kind, be helpful, be good at what you do, be successful, and be true. I would plan on being friends with her (but not only for your benefit- but because you have a genuine interest in being friends). Then I would start asking questions, dig around, she would probably bring up her daughter. Then she would probably show you her photo and say that she is gorgeous and that you would only dream of having a lady like that and say how much you would respect her and take care of her. Good luck!!

    Man, I wish someone would think that of me :(


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  • "Ay b**** I'm tryna dip my swing swang in her ping pang"

  • Say, "Think you could introduce me to your daughter?"


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  • I think that is a pretty solid plan. Just make sure you are charming and casual about your inquiry, not weird and obsessive.

  • I would ask more general questions about her daughter to see if she's even single.

    • Yeah, that's the plan. Assuming I find out good news, I'll then ask about meeting her daughter. I'm just skipping ahead of wondering what people think is the best way to broach that topic.

  • Dude just no, thats a bit on the creepy side, i mean if the daughter comes to the office or something its fine but just asking..

    • She is really gorgeous and I'm leaving the company soon anyway, so it's not like I'm losing anything. People are so chicken shit these days anyway, I don't really care whether people think I'm creepy anymore. It doesn't mean anything.

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