Girls/Guys Who gives the phone number first?

so i just came back from the gym. earlier i saw this girl come in, and i said hey to her - she said hey back. we were doing our own workout routine and then i caught up with her later, we talked and her friend came in and she was talking with us. we were talking about a fair at one point, so then i said "well i haven't been to the fair lately, but if you wanna go" she said that she had her school prom to go to tomorrow night but she said she would be cool to go Saturday night.

then i said "cool, why i dont i give you my number and we can talk about it"

she said okay with a smile. so i did. and she said she would text me about Saturday night at some point.

did i do the right thing by the guy giving the girl the number? or should i have asked for her number instead? OR, should she be willing to give it up to me without having the need of me to ask for it?

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  • It doesn't matter as long as you make plans together
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My parents are going out tomorrow, so i would have the house to myself - should i ask her to come over? is it worth going for sex or should i just take it easy and enjoy the moment with her?


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  • There's nothing wrong with any of those situations but the good thing about you giving you your number is that now you don't have to worry about her giving you a fake number or bugging her when she doesn't want your attention

    • Do you mean Me giving her my number? haha

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    • Ya sorry half asleep

    • i completely agree with what you said, i feel its better if the guy gives the girl the number so the stress is put off of you and on to her if she wants to contract you or not. totally agree.

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What Girls Said 4

  • girls do and guys too sometimes - so both I guess

  • I voted E. Although I'll never understand that thing about asking for someone's number? I thought it's always better to exchange numbers, but maybe it's just me who doesn't like to have people calling and not knowing who they are.

    • but with one person giving it, weather its the boy or the girl. wouldn't you agree that "attraction/risk" would also come into play with this?

      He/she gave you his/her number but its like saying "are you sure you want to go out?" you have his/her number, do you want to go on a date with this person?

      i hope that makes sense.

    • Yeah, it gives the person who receives the number the opportunity of never contacting the other person despite not being able to refuse them face to face - i.e. rejecting by simply ignoring them.

      Some people might prefer it that way, but I'm not entirely sure that's a good thing. If it comes to that, I'd rather we don't ask for contacts of strangers at all since the rate of success must be pretty low... Or is that part of the thrill? =/

  • I think It dosent matter who as long as you talk or text

  • He guy asks first in my situation


What Guys Said 1

  • It's better if the guy asks that way if the girl isn't interested, she just doesn't text him.

    • it puts the stress of the guy if the guy gives her the number, that way you dont have to think about the idea of her giving you a fake number.

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