Why am I so affected by him? I need to get over him please?

Found this guy online, went on a date with him but I didn't expect much until the moment we met. Right away, we hit off, talked non stop. There were silences sometimes, but they were comfortable. To be honest, I've never felt that comfortable with anyone! And I go on a lot of dates.

So we hooked up... I surprisingly stayed till later that noon because I always sneak off before they wake up. Afterwards, he flirted with me through texts until a couple days later when it stopped. I was hurt when he stopped texting me. Then today (just 2 days later), I think I saw him at a restaurant... I didn't really see his face, but I just left. I was actually on a date with another guy at the time, but still, I was really affected. Now I can't stop thinking whether or not it was really him. But what he wore was exactly what he would wear. And we were in the city he lives in :/

I NEED TO GET OVER THIS! I hate sounding so pathetic, but I feel like dating more guys would make it worse. I've never fallen like this ever! And it was only one night!

I know this might sound like an excuse... But I went out so much because school was coming soon. I never used to go out on so many dates. But once I started going out on all these dates, I felt like that's something I could never take back.


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  • This isn't love that you're experiencing, this is just lust because you met an attractive man and you like him. I wouldn't say that you have fallen because to reach a point when you're ready to take a leap of faith takes a lot of time. You will get over this in a coupe of weeks, give or take, because what you two had isn't that serious. I understand that he not calling you would make you upset, but if he wants to give u the cold shoulder then I can say that he was not feeling you anyway because a man know exactly hat he wants and he would try to pursue the relationship.
    Going on a lot of dates will just make it worse. You have to take this time and get to know your self. Keep your self occupied until the feeling goes away. Trust me, you'll move on in a week.

    • Thank you! I actually do know I'm not what he's looking for... But he definitely knew how to charm his way through the date when we went out. Made me feel so.. special! Though, he did text me just recently he'd want to see me again.. I think I'll just delete his number and ignore his texts.. :/

      And also... He reminded me a lot of my ex that I had a really long relationship with. His wisdom, his age, and his understanding. He was a lot older than me..

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    • Okay.. I'll do just that. School's coming up for me anyway and that'll keep me busy. I need to break that attraction towards older men :( They usually lived their life out and want to settle and doesn't think a younger girl is suitable for settling down..And I think that's why I'm having that problem.

    • I never thought of that way but you're right. I dated an 19 year old hen I was 16 and he cheated on me with a 24 year old career women. So I can relate. Just take it slow and just keep your options open.

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  • Your not experiencing love and i hope
    you got yourself protected if you
    engage in sexual intercourse when
    you meet up with these guys it would be
    nice someday if you could just find
    one guy to settle down with it's not
    good hoping all over meeting guy to guy
    it can be unhealthy in some means


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